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  Special Services

Collura Consulting has developed special consulting services and tools that can make a big difference in an organization’s success:
Communication leadership and team development
Identification of potential employee HotSpots
Use of existing data to improve and measure communication effectiveness
Reduction of communication clutter

Communicators Clinic

Communicators Clinic
The Clinic is about prevention—giving you ideas and tools to keep your organization strong and healthy though good communication. The Clinic’s resources can help you and your team learn and grow with communication development aids and strategies. And, when things don’t go as planned and the organization or your team is suffering, a cure might be here.  Communicators Clinic resources are updated frequently, so schedule regular check-ups.  

Communicators Clinic

Employee HotSpot Communication
When world events and corporate change winds blow at hurricane force and you’re caught up in the latest crisis communication, it is difficult to think about what might be next on the horizon. Yet, there are frequently warning signs before an employee hot spot flares up and the blogosphere gets noisy.  Paying attention to these warnings can help you communicate proactively and interactively. Communication executives are uniquely qualified to perform this important leadership task for their organizations. 

Identifying HotSpots requires:

Knowing your workforce well through detailed demographic
    analysis and tracking
bullet Paying attention to the cumulative effects of change
    on employees
Reading between the lines of employee surveys and
    other data
Understanding your organization’s strategic and
    tactical plans
Staying current with societal trends and current events

Collura Consulting can help you connect the dots and be prepared…not surprised.

Understandable Useful

Organizations have a lot of data that can help communicators do their jobs better. However, it’s not always in the Communication Department. The trick is finding out who has what—and how to get it and use it.

Our experience working with other departments and understanding the kind of data they typically collect, can help you find what you want faster.

But we don’t stop there. We also help you understand the data and practical ways to use it including developing a dashboard for the most important communication metrics. Here are just a few of the kinds of data collected in most big organizations that can be invaluable to communicators:
Employee engagement data
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data
HR Business Process Outsourcing data
Employee Health Plan data
Employee Stock and Retirement Plan data

Clutter Buster

Communication Clutter Buster
In most knowledge-based companies, communication clutter is the biggest productivity drain on the entire organization. Other organizations suffer from clutter too. Millions of dollars are wasted every year in lost time and errors caused directly by communication overload, conflicting messages and poor information.

Many leaders are vaguely aware of this, but don’t understand the extent of the problem and financial value of busting the clutter. Collura Consulting can help you measure the clutter cost in your organization, develop a strategy to clean it up, and sell the plan to senior management.


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